Bath Wall Surrounds

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A lot of homeowners have been forced to deal with expensive bath wall surrounds remodeling for aging bathrooms. The main incurred expense with the surrounding walls and bathtubs that have historically been wall coverings of choice all over the country. Even though tile was the best choice for long, it has cracked over years, lost the shiny look, and rusted. Additionally, other people are still possessing ghastly color schemes of the ‘50s like green and pink.

Homeowners that want to renovate bath wall surrounds have less expensive, easy, and quick options for eliminating grout, old tile, and caulking. They now can purchase liners and bath surrounds and cover the problems. Wall surrounds come in diverse finishes and colors; therefore, you are sure of finding something that will add positive looks to your décor. Their manufacture is from PVC and durable plastics acrylic and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that they do not crack under impact. They have a guarantee of not staining, cracking, or chipping during normal use.

It is quick easy to clean your novel bath wall surrounds. The old hard to clean dirt will be historical. You will have replaced it with a smooth finish that will wipe clean in no time. There are also automatic shower cleaners that state that several sprays a day will leave the bathtub looking new and clean.

The other reason for choosing bath wall surrounds is that they are easy to install. You will get home improvement stores carrying different surrounds that can be installed in one day. All you will have to do is to remove faucets so as to slide the surround over the current surface. You will then replace the faucet and use caulk to seal the edges, then you will give caulk time to cure and the bathroom will have a novel look.

Utilizing these products will save you a lot of hassle as a homeowner. You will no longer do minus a bathroom or share one with other people for days so as to carry out a remodel. Conversely, wall surrounds are more cost-effective for eliminating eyesores of old tiles, and the process of installation is easy and quick when doing it by yourself.

Even though you consider yourself challenged mechanically, you may employ a professional that will install the tab on your behalf. A company representative will come to the house to take measurements before placing an order for your surround direct from the manufacturer. Even though it will take several weeks to get the custom surround, it will be quick to do the installation. Whether you do it or call a professional to do it, you will be happy with the difference that the surround will make in your bathroom.

Anybody who has attempted remodeling the bathroom knows the cost and mess of the project. Bath wall surrounds are effective and beautiful for updating the bathroom. In the place of embarking on a complete remodel to give the bathroom a novel look; surrounds are a less expensive method of covering preexisting bathtub walls.

You may even use one day to install surrounds depending on your abilities. The whole process of installation is simple and would be fun when doing it by yourself. If the project is not enjoyable for you, you can find firms that install them professionally. The best part about surround installation is that they are less messy and inconveniencing as they will not require construction and demolition.

A novel surround adheres directly to the walls of the bathtubs. No time-consuming cleanup and no messy construction from the project will be required. You will not require being worried about mold or damage to the underlying surface because it creates a waterproof seal that will prevent water from leaking through the underlying surface.

Bath wall surrounds come in diverse shades that make it simple to give the bathroom an updated, fresh look. Match the shade to compliment the color you desire and your bath will have a new look over the weekend. Sleek and smooth acrylic material used in these surrounds will not stain or crack like tiles and is low maintenance. Difficult to clean and discolored tile will be something of the past once the easy to clean surround gets installed. You will spend more time relaxing and enjoying bubble baths and less time scrubbing the tubs.