Bathroom Countertop Replacement & Installation

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When it comes to renovating the home, bathroom countertop replacement and installation takes all perks. You will spend a lot of time in selecting the right countertop for the bathroom and all other things take a back seat. By the moment you are deciding about the countertop of the bathroom, you are always exhausted because you deal with other home countertops first.

Remember that choosing the countertop for the bathroom may not be as populous as choosing the countertop for the kitchen, but it is also crucial. Look at several materials of bathroom countertops that are good for high traffic bathrooms and be ready to make a decision that is informed.


When you desire to do bathroom countertop replacement and installation in the master bathroom, you need to give granite consideration. It is always a hero of countertops. It is stain resistant, durable, easy to maintain, and attractive. Even though it is expensive, it is the best choice in the long run. In case it is beyond your budget, you need to consider granite tiles as they are available at affordable rates.


Marble countertops are an epitome of elegance. Today, marble is not as costly as it used to be a few years back. This means that you may purchase these countertops with ease for your master bathroom. It does not dent with ease and it is durable. However, the material is porous, making it prone to stains. It also requires frequent sealing just like granite.

Manufactured Quartz

When you desire to replicate looks of marble or granite, manufactured quartz is a good choice. It is both bacteria and moisture resistant, making it ideal for bathroom countertop replacement and installation. It does not need sealing every month and has better stain resistance than granite.

Solid-Surface Materials

With these materials, you will get looks of natural stone. You will also have the ability to choose from many beautiful patterns and colors to suit your bathroom theme. There are a lot of brands like Avonite, Staron, and Corian that provide very durable countertops. They are easy to maintain and fit in all bathroom areas. Installing this bathroom countertop in a bathroom with high traffic is advantageous because it is easy to clean and non-porous.


Ceramic or porcelain tiles work well for homeowners that are looking for intrepid patterns in their bathrooms. Affordability is yet another advantage of selecting tiles. This means that if a few tiles have any damage, you may replace them without giving you a big financial burden. There are other benefits like having high resistance to moisture and heat. Remember to select large tiles to get rid of the grout problem.


When you desire both durable and inexpensive bathroom countertops, concrete is your option. It will imitate looks of natural stone and can be customized with the patterns you desire. You may choose textures and colors as well. However, you need to remember that it is porous and requires regular sealing.

The List is Interminable!

There are so many other options like limestone, wood, stone, glass, and much more to assist you to make the right decision. Do not hurry when choosing a populous countertop for the bathroom. Understand the requirement of your family and budget before deciding. Put the theme of the bathroom into consideration. In case you are installing the countertop in the beach house, tiles would be more advantageous as compared to granite. And if you desire a luxurious option for your villa, marble and granite can be your choices. Therefore, consider several aspects and look for an expert in bathroom countertop replacement and installation to give you advice. He will guide you in making practical decisions.

While at friends’ houses, you will notice their new bathroom countertops that are made from granite. Since they are very stunning, it is good to ask about them, how they came across unique colors, and how tough they are. You will be shocked to learn that granite has various colors to choose from. You will not only learn this but you will also learn that after its full installation, never will you ever have to replace them. Needless to say that it is great to learn that it got you intrigued by granite as bathroom countertops more than ever before.

You would always have the thought that granite came in very dark or black colors before seeing new countertops. It is apparent that there are a lot of colors on the market now as compared to when they first started being produced in mass. The colors you will see are not anywhere near black because they are more of pink. This color will make the bathroom to look very beautiful. It creates excellent color contrasts that made the bathroom to be more unique as compared to the other sections of the house.

Apart from the beauty that comes from granite bathroom countertop replacement and installation that makes it as unique as it is, it is very durable. The substance that makes granite is very tough as few items may cause damage to it. Granite is resistant to temperature. Therefore, in other words, it will not sustain damages from freezing or excessive hot temperatures. Therefore, once you install granite countertops in the house, it will stay there for long.

If you were to get granite countertops, you would have to look at diverse colors in the market currently. If it made the bathrooms of other people to look great while adding value to the home, it will do a lot of wonders for the home too. Granite countertops are made by excellent companies in a clean and timely manner. There is no mess and are courteous at all times.