Bathroom Vanity Installation

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Bathroom vanities are said to be the best accessories in the bathroom. Bathroom vanity installation adds elegance to your bathroom. Vanities are available in a lot of shapes and designs. Therefore, finding the best quality is not a task that is challenging. All you need to do is going to the store to check out on the availability and identify what fits in your budget and the bathroom. The things that you need to go through when doing purchases for your vanities are listed below.

Always make sure that you are satisfying the cleanliness condition and remember to keep doing it at all times. When you have these storage fittings, you will have the ability to keep a lot of things properly and in place. You also need to remember that bathroom vanities that are gorgeous will only be worthy when they have enough storage capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to note that you are purchasing vanities that have enough storage spaces.

If you have the desire of keeping the bathroom tidy, it is crucial to keep it clean and dry. With the right cabinet, you will have the ability to offer the bathroom elegant looks. When doing bathroom vanity installation, you have the option of choosing between standing cabinets and wall mounted cabinets depending on your requirement and choice. There are a lot of designs of traditional and modern vanities available in the market and you just have the task of choosing the most gorgeous one.

The quality of gorgeous vanities is the most crucial element when you are looking at choosing them for your bathroom. They need to be functional and durable. Make sure that you install vanities of the right quality as there will be a lot of moisture in your bathroom. When choosing the one that will suit you best, you will realize that they are not only useful but also durable. Therefore, it is said that you have to always get along with the brand that is right.

You might get various gorgeous bathroom vanities with different storage capacities, sizes, and shapes. If you have enough space in the bathroom, it is a good idea to opt for double-sink vanities. In case you have limited space in your bathroom, then installing one sink vanity will be the right option. You may choose any of the available vanities as both have good features. You may choose any of them depending on preference, area, and budget.

A lot of individuals do not give so much priority to their bathrooms. The living room and bedroom are the only rooms that receive importance. You need to give equal attention to the design and style of all rooms. Bathroom vanity installation will help the house get an outstanding appearance in the whole house. With the best bathroom vanities, it is possible to keep the bathroom tidy and clean.

You need to make sure that when you are buying your gorgeous bathroom vanities, you have the right checklist of your requirements. In case you possess a modern outlook, you will opt for something like a traditional or modern vanity. Modern vanity installation will offer the bathroom very good looks.

Can you do it by yourself?

The truth of the matter is that installing the vanity by yourself is a cost-effective way of redoing the bathroom. In case you want some help with hooking the plumbing in the right manner, do not be afraid to look for a plumber that can give you help on this part. If you have confidence in the skills you have of doing things by yourself, you just need to follow the steps below and you will be done with the installation of your vanity.

For a start, you need to start by shutting the water off and disconnecting the water supply to the present drain or sink. Utilize a bucket to catch any dripping water from the lines of supply under the p-trap and the bathroom sink, which is usually a white curved pipe in the middle.

After turning off the water and disconnecting it safely during bathroom vanity installation, loosen the caulk between the wall and bathroom vanity. You may use a utility knife for this practice. Ensure that you do not scratch the wall paint, or you will end up with a novel project for the following weekend. Eliminate the countertop of the sink carefully, making sure that you are not taking the other half of the wall with it. You may need two or more people to help you take the old vanity or countertop down. Do not do it alone.

By the use of a screwdriver without a code, you may loosen the screws which attach your vanity to the wall. Eliminate the old screws and dislodge the old vanity with care. Additionally, bathroom vanity installation is not a one individual show; therefore, get another pair of hands to give you assistance. Take your old vanity to the furniture yard or where you dump other old vanities. It is now time to start getting ready for novel bathroom vanities. Look for wall studs and mark new locations for screw holes. You need to make new holes above where you want your vanity to sit.

After positioning the vanity, use wallboard screws to attach it to the wall. Since you have now attached the cabinet, before attaching the novel bathroom vanity, install the novel sink faucet. When doing bathroom vanity installation, ensure that the countertop and the cabinet are on the same level against the wall. You may then use the tub-and-tile caulk to attach a novel vanity to the base. The final step of installation is reconnecting the plumbing with a Teflon tape and then applying a line of caulk on the countertop edges of the sink. Breathe deeply and enjoy the accomplishment feeling as you are done with the installation of the novel vanity.