Contemporary Kitchens & Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most important projects in your home. One important thing to consider before cabinet finishes or paint colors is the kind of functionality that you need in your kitchen. Some of the standard kitchen activities that are given include storing your food, cleaning, and cooking. As a homeowner, you should also think about the kind of entertainment you will include in your kitchen. In case you want your kitchen space to go beyond the function of simply dining, you can think about the kitchen island.

The term kitchen island refers to highly decorative and functional compliments of a kitchen remodeling project. In most cases, kitchen islands become the focal point of your space without putting in a lot of effort. When redesigning or remodeling your contemporary kitchen, its good to think about how you will be entertaining and interacting in your space. These pieces create a diverse gathering point in your kitchen. Apart from entertaining and dining in this place, you can also use it to prepare for your cooking, play board games and cards with your family and guests, and enjoy the added functionality and storage that they offer. If you have made a decision that your contemporary kitchen needs an island, there are several ways you can make the design creative and unique.

  • Size

After deciding on the materials that you will be using, you now have to think about the size. You can choose to go dramatic and big by allowing the kitchen island to become the focal piece for your remodeling project. Some people may pay attention to having a less obstructive and smaller kitchen island. This means that the island will be more of a standalone functional piece. Think about how you will be using your kitchen island and the importance of open floor space in your kitchen when determining the dimensions of the kitchen island.

  • Levels

The fact that you have decided to go for the small size route while constructing your kitchen island does not imply that you have to give up some surface area. Adding another level of a different height to the kitchen design will enhance the functionality of the piece. You can use multiple levels for different functions. It can serve as a bookshelf or cooking board, or a breakfast bar that has a stool under it. These alternative styles can give the kitchen island an appeal that is more customized.

Add One or Two Sinks

You can enhance the functionality of your new kitchen island by adding several accessories like the sink. This can also allow it to serve as a perfect entertainment gathering point. A sink will boost the usability of your kitchen island because it will give you an additional place for washing your dishes and rinsing off your food. The sink can also come in handy during entertainment as it allows your guests to play part in the process of preparing the meal without having to clutter up the current counter space that is around the refrigerator and oven.

  • Materials

You have to think about the materials you are going to use once you decide to set up a kitchen island. There are so many materials that you can use in building the kitchen island. Some of them include stainless steel and wood together with different countertop choices such as granite or quartz. You can be sure that these materials will deliver an original design to your kitchen island. The materials you choose should blend well with the overall design of your kitchen. The kitchen island has to compliment your space without sticking out or overwhelming it. You can give your kitchen a chic and rustic feel by using wood while natural stones like quartz and granite will give your new surface timeless elegance and the much-desired durability. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for creating edible masterpieces and for cooking purposes. The other alternative for achieving a traditional design is marble but this exclusively depends on your budget.

  • Two Works Better Than One

Given that the kitchen island uses different appliances, materials, and levels, there is no need to settle with one. Adding several islands in the kitchen will create more focal points for space. You can either have connected multiple islands or leave them separated in the kitchen. This will give your space additional gathering areas, counter spaces and many more. The other way to make your island more convenient is to place it on wheels. This is an excellent idea for families that value entertainment and are looking for a space that they can change within no time.

These tips come in handy when designing your kitchen island. However, you can overlook some of these tips if you want to create a customized piece of space. Think about your lifestyle and the objectives you have for your kitchen and build from there. You should also put the element of the budget into consideration before embarking on the project.

The most important thing is to set up a kitchen island that has a functional and cohesive design. Both functionality and aesthetics have an important role to play in your kitchen. You also need a lot of fun as you design this new piece and you can be sure that you will not go wrong. You can also get more advice from leading kitchen remodeling contractors like