Custom Bathroom Renovations

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When the opportunity for renovating the home arises, one of the commonest options is custom bathroom renovations. Since this room serves a lot of valuable purposes daily, it is crucial to keep it in the best condition possible. When you choose to make changes, there are a lot of available possibilities. The ones you choose are dependent on the state of current fixtures, your budget, and personal taste.

Color and additions

A simple choice for custom bathroom renovations involves the addition of fixtures that are not currently available. For instance, you may want the mirror above the sink replaced with one with a small storage cabinet. This will provide a great space for keeping hairbrushes, toothpaste, and other common necessities. In this manner, they are always available when needed. Additions like inbuilt towel racks on the sink side or inner wall above the bathtub are populous.

You may be tired of your current bathroom color or have a feeling that the wall is not matching the floor. In this case, you may have the walls painted for the whole room to reflect a single-color scheme. Even though it seems simple, doing that may result in a novel look.


When contracting custom bathroom renovations, a lot of individuals opt for the next step and getting a replacement of current elements. This may be inclusive of walls and floors. Getting new tiles may have a rejuvenating effect on the appearance of the room. Possessing fixtures like shower heads and faucets is also another way of ensuring that the whole area is reflecting the design you like. You may choose from various styles and colors that echo your aesthetics.

Majority sections of the bathroom, like shower, bathtub, and sink may be replaced with novel ones. The reason for doing this is functional. These items may not work in the manner that they should, so you require new ones. The desire for replacements may come from requiring models that are energy efficient, the ones that save money, and use less water.

Replacing these items as part of custom bathroom renovations may be for improving the appearance of the room. If other changes were done since the construction of the house, there may be stylistic mismatches. Getting a replacement will make sure that all things are in the same style.

Complete Reconfiguration

You may choose to get to the final step of custom bathroom renovations and reconfigure everything. This includes eliminating all current fixtures, from the shower, tub, and the toilet, to the tile and wallpaper. You will then have access to all novel fixtures that include countertops and tiles alongside anything else you wish to include. When the renovation job is done, all things will be fully new and the looks will be fantastic. It is not surprising that it is the most popular option and the one selected by a lot of homeowners. Everybody likes having environs that are fully customized.

Custom bathroom renovations always include novel vanities and other storage options. Cabinets are a critical choice while designing and planning your renovations. Storage may seem to be minute in the bathroom regardless of its size.

Regarding the whole bathroom renovation budget, cabinetry is quite a small item. Vanity cost and other storage cabinets of choice may break the budget. Your storage choice has a very big implication on the space.

Whether you are doing home renovation for the bathroom or building a new one, the size of the cabinetry and fixtures will make an enormous difference. A smaller room shows more importance to the size of the cabinets and fixtures. All renovations of the bathroom involve choosing between the available space and the need for storage.

In case you have an old home that you want to be brought to standards, you may need to do creative planning and thinking. Unless you possess an old home designed with huge baths, there is a probability of dealing with small bathroom spaces. You may be enlarging your current bathroom or making choices that will enable you to maximize inches of your existing space.

If you have plans of selling the home, you need to be concerned with meeting universal design requirements. They include limits of outlet placements and switch placement, floor finish, accessible tub and shower areas, and room to turn a wheelchair. Choosing vanities and cabinets for custom bathroom remodeling may require custom cabinets.

Space maximization in small bathrooms and the creation of spaciousness appearance may require a lot of creativity. For instance, these renovations may need wall-mounted sinks or pedestal sinks for you to leave the space more open. This will solve one problem but the storage of items like towels will be tricky.

Choosing to do custom bathroom renovations minus a vanity may have serious ramifications. You start by eliminating the primary area of storage. You then remove the countertop area for toiletry and decorative items. The best solution is approaching bathroom renovation minus traditional cabinets. In such a case, you will have to set shallow cabinets in existing walls.

Cabinets with glass panel doors, open shelving, and placing small shelves creatively for the required items is another solution. For instance, you may set cabinets with glass doors on the wall above the tab for washcloths and towels. You may use the decorative niche of sponges and soaps.

Since the stock cabinets are twelve inches deep, it will be tricky to take this affordable approach. Conversely, the budget you have may not be permitting custom cabinetry. These renovations may be affordable, but, only when you get the right cabinetmaker.

The right cabinetmaker may customize stock cabinets that meet your requirements in doing custom bathroom renovations. When you are making small spaces to look large or creating something unique or special, the cabinetmaker will do the job affordably by customizing stock cabinets. He will customize them to meet your requirements.