Kitchen Backsplash Paneling

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Most walls are porous and hence the water that spills over from the sinks can affect them. Kitchen backlash paneling is the best way to offer maximum protection to your wall. This will enhance the durability and value of your home. Granite is one of the common materials for kitchen backsplash paneling. The main advantage of granite backsplashes is that they have great looks. Also, granite is a natural stone product and hence it is very strong and durable. This material resists a lot of tears and wear. The main challenge with granite backsplashes is that they can stain easily. Therefore, you have to seal granite countertops periodically and this can be an additional cost to the homeowner.

Tumbled marble backsplash is the other option that the market has to offer. The material also has great looks and is highly durable. In fact, this can be the main focal point in your kitchen. It is also a stone product that delivers a highly durable surface. The main undoing of tumbled marble is the element of etching. This takes place when you spill or splash an acidic substance on these backsplashes. Tumbled marble also comes with several holes and gaps and you have to fill them.

We have homeowners who love to go for glass backsplash. You can paint the backside of the glass panel to match the theme of your kitchen. The only challenge with glass is that it is very delicate and scratches with a lot of ease. However, it is very beautiful and won’t let you down when it comes to taking care of your aesthetics. The other option is the glass tiles. You can give each tile a different color to come up with an excellent pattern for your kitchen backsplash paneling. Glass tile offer a custom look to your space, expands the space, and is clean, hygienic, and green. The main drawbacks are that glass materials are quite expensive and tricky to install and repair.

Metal tiles can also be an excellent option for kitchen backsplash paneling. The good thing with almost all metallic tiles is that they are stainless steel materials. These tiles are easy to clean, flexible, and a less expensive option. However, the cost of stainless steel backsplashes tends to be higher than ceramic. The material attracts dents and scratches and this may raise the maintenance costs.

The material and installation cost of subway tile of kitchen backsplash paneling tends to be a bit high. However, most homeowners find them to be the best option for their home remodeling projects. There are various categories of subway tiles including the flat, matte, and glossy types. When it comes to grading, you can go for the premium, standard, or commercial. Consumers may find it hard to differentiate between these products but can advise you accordingly. You may also need some professional guidance on the best brand for subway tiles.

There are several stones in the market that you can use for kitchen backsplash paneling. Make sure you choose strong and beautiful stones that will not wear out after a short period. The stones should also have high water resistance features. Stones can prepare highly functional and aesthetically pleasing backsplashes as long as you make the right choice.

Porcelain material can also be an excellent option for homeowners. This is basically a subtype of ceramic tile. Porcelain is a high-quality material that is very tough. In fact, some people say that it is too tough for kitchen backsplashes but this works well for your good. It can be shaped into different designs making it ideal for all applications. The material has low porosity and hence needs a special compound to set up. It’s better to leave the installation process to professionals because DIY projects may not yield the best results.

The last option on our list could be the travertine kitchen backsplash paneling. This is a classical material that comes in a broad range of colors for your use. What motivates homeowners to use travertine is its great feel, ease of use, easily replaceable, and flexibility in use. The natural material is available in different width meaning you can customize it to your kitchen backsplash. Travertine has a highly reactive nature and supports unconventional cleaning methods. The material introduces some element of nature to your kitchen and this will definitely come at an additional cost.