Kitchen Flooring

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There are several materials that you can use in making your kitchen floor. The type of material you choose will determine the quality of the floor. You don’t want to set up the kind of kitchen flooring that is so slippery. Ceramic is a popular kitchen flooring material because it is highly resistant to water. You will be sure of getting non-porous cabinets which is a plus. Its fairly easy to take care of ceramic floors and the pricing is a bit fair. The surfaces have a hard and solid surface that will not break with a lot of ease. However, some people argue that ceramic is extremely hard for flooring. The installation process is a bit complicated and the tiles are so heavy.

Porcelain tiles are the other viable option that comes from dense and fine clay that is passed through high temperatures. The material is resistant to scratches and very tough. Porcelain is also highly durable and highly resistant to stains. We also have homeowners who love travertine kitchen flooring that closely resembles Coquina Tile. In fact, some professionals use these two terms interchangeably. This is the type of limestone that develops the deposits of mineral springs. Another close substitute to limestone is the Coral Stone. These two products nearly share the same characteristics. The flooring is normally sold in the form of tiles and comes in a broad range color including beige hues, rust, browns, and tans. The material can blend with any kitchen design. Its main advantages include ease of repair, long lasting, durability, subdued, and highly stylish. The disadvantages could include high levels of coldness, expensive, heaviness, and complicated maintenance requirements.

The main con if marble kitchen flooring is the fact that they are highly susceptible to scratches. The material is very soft and can chip, scrap, and scratch with a lot of ease. Marble is a highly affordable flooring material and you can install the peel and stick vinyl material over other materials with a lot of ease. However, you should not use them in wet environments.

Pavers are stones that are manufactured from stone. They are small pieces that come in various patterns, textures, and colors. The patterns interlock to create a strong and flexible pavement system when you install them properly. You can use them to form a very stable kitchen flooring surface. Slate has the ability to bring a unique and powerful beauty to the kitchen flooring. The material is durable, comes with a lot of style, high value, radiant heating systems, and comes in a broad range of colors. The main cons are lack of consistency, heavy, cold, clefting, grout lines and high maintenance requirements. Wood is a cheap option but it absorbs a lot of water if not treated well.

One of the smartest kitchen flooring design is the Mexican design. Most of them use red clay ancient Saltillo floor pavers to bring an old-world charm to the floor. It is a trendy design that has begun to attract a lot of attention among homeowners. You can combine this with Mexican tiles to add a feeling of pride to the kitchen. Shell stones will give you another great opportunity to add value to your home. These stones are very beautiful and come in various shapes and designs. Stone floors are always the best because they come in various sizes and colors. Some stones are very soft and may not withstand the high traffic on your kitchen floor. Make sure you choose a stone that is non-porous and tough enough to withstand the heavy traffic. The last flooring styles are onyx one which is a beautiful material that is common on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Onyx comes in a broad range of natural colors and hence it can bland with any kitchen ambiance. The material is more durable than stone and marble. It is a cheap but high-end kitchen flooring option.