Restaurant Kitchen Remodels

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Are you looking for restaurant kitchen remodeling ideas? I can assure you that you are in the right place. The way you work on your restaurant kitchen remodels should allow them to be highly functional. Here are some tips that can allow you to set up the right kitchen for your home.

Allow Kitchen Workers to Assist in designing Their Working Stations

The flow of work is almost everything in the restaurant kitchen because the food also matters a lot. In case the process is so slow, the first thing to suffer as a result will be the food. You need to give your employees the best chance of maximizing their workflow. Make sure that everything that the workers require is within their reach. Allow every person to stand in the spot where he should be working and let everything they require be within their rich. This should be the foundation of your restaurant kitchen remodels.

Give the Chefs Warm Plating Time

Most people don’t think about this idea yet it is one of the most important things. This idea is critical if you are looking for amazing plating. Use a warm side lighting color temperature near the station of the chef in the dining room. The reason is that food tends to look more appealing when in warm lighting. The term warmth means color temperature and not the heating temperature. kitchen remodeling designers can show you lamps at various color temperatures. A color range of 2700 to 3000K can do a lot of wonders when it comes to food appearance.

Let the Ceilings be Cleanable

You must make sure that the countertop surfaces and floors are easy to clean. The challenge is that some people tend to forget about the ceiling. You must remember that heat goes up. Any vapors and grease that are not removed by the kitchen ventilation will plaster itself on the ceiling. It may cost you a lot of time to clean then if you don’t take the immediate intervention. You can reach out to some choices like perforated aluminum or vinyl clad.

Placing Ice Machines

The kitchen equipment you select should be convenient for your employees. It is also important to make sure that the equipment is functioning properly. An excellent example is the ice machine. Remember a kitchen is a hot place and the ice equipment should remain cold all the time. In restaurant kitchen remodels, the ice machine should be kept far from the hot cooking appliances. Also, there shouldn’t be an exhaust or fun that blows directly to the cooling machine.

Air-Gapped Drain Lines

You work hard to make sure that the kitchen is clean according to the state health code. The worst thing that can take place is the plumbing backup contaminating the sinks. This can even lead to the closure of the hotel. You can install air gapped stains to prevent this from taking place. They have vertical air spaces that are used in separating the receptacles like sinks from the drainage system. It is one of the critical restaurant kitchens remodels that you should not overlook because hygiene is paramount.

Sufficient Delivery Door Size

The door in the delivery should be large enough to accommodate delivery of large equipment, dish return carts, and delivery pallets. As you work on this, ensure there is a clear path to your dry and cold storage areas that do not pass through the main section of the kitchen. You should not have people who are delivering various items passing through the kitchen yet the staff is busy.

The Storage Design Should Be Futuristic

The truth of the matter is that you will never have sufficient storage. Make sure the restaurant kitchen remodels have more space than what you currently need. After all, all entrepreneurs anticipate business growth.  What will take place if you will change the menu because of changing customer needs? You may be required to get storage for more items. Make sure you plan for this from the onset so that you will not be required to add more space in the future.

Install a Source of Water Close to the Cooktop

In case your cooktop is using a lot of water, its wise to install a pot filler or any other source of water the closest you can. You have to reduce instances in which workers are carrying large water pots around the space. This can disrupt the workflow and is very dangerous to your employees.

Have Comfort Stations for the Employees

You must remember that your employees require lockers for keeping their belongings, changing areas, and restrooms. These areas should be close to the kitchen to enhance the level of convenience. It will also reduce any form of disruptions during busy shifts.

Test the Pan

After having the plan for your restaurant kitchen remodels, its time to figure out through testing. You can undertake this exercise even before you begin constructing the space. Rent out a large warehouse space or conference room for a few days. You can use paper and tape to lay the plan for your floor in full scale. You could even decide to utilize a parking lot in the pinch. Invite some of your kitchen employees to walk the floor, do a role play for a real dinner shift and then observe how it will work out. Check whether the employees will be bumping in each other. The sight lines should also be appropriate to allow the employees to communicate with a lot of ease.

You will also have to go through all the items that you either need to store or use and figure out how it works. After completing all these steps, you will significantly reduce the chances of forgetting something. You should also remember to plan for maintenance during the restaurant kitchen remodels.  Put a lot of investments in preventive maintenance to avoid potential hazards. These ideas will turn your kitchen into a smart space that will take your business to the next level. The most important thing is to make sure that everything is running smoothly. You also need to use energy efficient systems that will significantly reduce your energy bills.